Awnings have become a lifestyle fixture. An awning (a canopy) is usually made of canvas or other materials to shelter people or things from inclement weather conditions, rain or shine. Today, many residential or commercial properties are using awnings to cover entrance, balcony, window and over a porch. Awnings do a good job in keeping a house or a office/factory cool by keeping the strong sunlight out which in turn saves on the air conditioning costs. More homeowners are seeking awnings in order to enjoy life outdoor. For example, awnings offer shade to an outside dining area.

Awnings today are far from only devices that offer shade and protection. They offer beauty and decoration to a home. Never forget, awnings also give added privacy to your home, 

New and more durable synthetic fabrics have made the use of awnings more popular and they They will not stretch or fade easily. Some are even UV resistant. Most awnings are generally easy to care for. They are easily kept clean with a rinse of water and mild soap.

Awnings are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and styles. One very popular type of awning is the retractable awning. These modern devices are motorized and can be extended with the push of a button. Remote-controlled awnings are becoming a norm. Whenever you do not need them, these awnings are effortlessly closed and retracted into a hood. Not only they look neat and tidy, it also prolongs their lifespan.