Unlike most appliances, the refrigerator is a sturdy thing that will last you 10 years at most. It doesn’t even show obvious signs that it’s breaking down, which is why most people tend not to know when to replace a fridge.

Compare this to television sets, which often show damage in very obvious ways (according to the people we talked to at TV Repair Singapore, anyway). No, a fridge won’t give you clear indications like that, usually — you’ll have to pay a little more attention with a fridge.

It’s good to spot the signs of fridge breakdown before yours completely kicks the bucket. This can help you figure out a solution or replacement as soon as possible… and without risking the food currently stored in your old unit.

We’ve asked the expert technicians at Fridge Repair Singapore about the warning signs to look out for. They told us all of the indicators, from ones that say your fridge needs servicing to ones that say it’s time for an all-out replacement.

1. The Food Isn’t Cold

The refrigerator’s main function is to help food last longer by cooling it in storage. If you open the fridge door and feel no coolness coming out, then it’s a good indicator that the fridge may have some busts.

Food not becoming cold is also a warning sign, as well as the food spoiling quickly despite being inside the fridge.

This applies if everything is in order, such as the fridge being plugged in, or if the temperature is not turned up.

2. There’s Leaking Water

This is a tell-tale sign that there’s something off. If your fridge leaks out or there’s ice buildup on the walls, it’s a sign that  you need to get it checked.

It may mean that the cooling system isn’t working properly. The fridge usually needs to be checked twice a year to see if there are any leaks.

3. The Seal on the Door Isn’t Working

When the fridge is on its last legs, it’s usually the vacuum seal on the door that gives up first. It may seem like a big deal, but it’s actually a major factor in condensation.

As such, consider contacting a fridge repair company if something’s wrong with the seal.

4. There’s Excess Condensation

A bit of condensation on your fridge is no big deal, but if you see some water droplets covering almost all of your food as well as the insides of the fridge, then maybe there’s something going on with fridge’s mechanics: there might be gaps, cracks, or tears in it.

Condensation ruins the food, so it would be wise to have the issue assessed and immediately diagnosed by an expert mechanic.

5. The Motor Is Running Hot

One of the signs your fridge is definitely crashing is an overheating motor. To test this, place your hand on the back of the fridge, and see if there’s excessive heat. It’s a clear sign that it’s working overtime, and that there are issues causing it.

It’s also a bad sign since a fridge that works overtime means higher energy bills. Have a technician inspect the coils on your fridge for this problem.

6. The Freezer Is Excessively Producing

Another sign of the defective fridge is a freezer that’s become Antarctica. It means the fridge has a harder time regulating temperatures.

However this sign is a 50/50, as it might be due to the fact that the fridge is not being scraped or defrosted properly. Try  defrosting the fridge, and if it builds up ice pretty quickly, then maybe it’s time to call a repair company to fix your fridge.

If your fridge is showing these signs, it’s a good idea to call Repair Singapore to get repairmen who can look over its issues. It’ll save you grief and money in the long run.

If the problem isn’t anything major, after all, you can get it fixed before it worsens, and you’ll be happy that you had it checked early.